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Rome 2: Total War is the most improved, best looking strategy game of the year. But this statement is very obvious after those beautiful actual-footage trailers.
After several Total War episodes this one can be titled the best of the series and you are going to read here why.

Rome 2: Total War – Review 700px Sparta  reviews pc

We can see a screenshot above with the legendary Spartans in it: the reflections, the armors the weapons, and the faces are looking very very good, but every-single troop has this extreme level of detail.

In Rome 2 everything is very pretty detailed and has a great heritage of the history: factions, troops with their own unique weapons, movements, strategy, perks, special abilities and moral. The game has about 90 factions on the map, which can make things easier in some cases.
The playable factions are: Rome, Carthage, Macedon, Iceni, Arverni, Suebi, Parthia, Egypt, Pontus and the Greek States Culture Pack DLC includes: Sparta, Athens, Epirus and Seleucids.
Rome 2 as the other Total War games is a turn-based strategy game with real time tactics which has campaign and battle mode too. In Campaign mode we train troops, build cities and attack other factions, while in Battle mode we control our extremely huge army on the battlefield. The main goal is world domination, but in Rome 2 it is a bit harder to achieve it.
The game is true to the history, so it can be harder to conquer a city because of the two factions’ different strategies.

Rome 2: Total War – Review 700px EgyptPikemen  reviews pc

Campaign mode was rebuilt and we have got more diplomatic options. The HUD and it’s icons are really nice and usable after a few hours of play. Technologies and research is an other important part of the game. Many building require to research new technologies in order to improve them. A good point in the cities that we can build multiple buildings at a time in the same city. Training troops has changed much: now we can train only a number of troops. No city can train now, but generals can and they are able to hire mercenaries too. Generals have the most important part of the game. We can only have a number of generals and these generals and the flag of the unit can gain XP and perks too. For example extra damage, extra strength and better strategy. Only generals can control and army, so we cannot split them up freely as before. Generals can control land troops or a fleet, and these main generals led units are overpowered as heck. A single very good experienced Spartan general of mine could face more than 300 enemy soldiers including more than 80 range weapon men and he could defeat them while he captured 58 enemies. Don’t ask how he did it, because he is probably more dangerous than every main character from all and upcoming Assassin’s Creed.
We can also train agents and heroes too. They can raid slaves, kill enemy soldiers, poison wells or make civil unrest, but their number is also limited. Nobles and noblewomen can be used to spread our culture across the lands or to give a wrong command to the general of the enemy force.

Rome 2 lets you play how you want, but you need to watch out and have a good strategy for every disaster and attack, because you can easily trigger a food shortage if you build too much markets and entertainment facilities or a money shortage when you train more troops than you actually use. Sieging a city is not an easy thing in this game, because the enemy knows well it’s territory and the tricks too. So you have to outnumber them at least by two with good soldiers in order to success with a single assault. Mostly the same can be said about the land battles on the enemy’s territory.

Rome 2: Total War – Review total war rome 2 1024x576  reviews pc

In battle mode there are also new battle types in the game: Combined naval-land battles (in this case the enemy or our troops want to land on the coast and the other’s job is to make that hard or full prevent them from landing the forces), Sieges, River battles, Ambushes and Encampment battles. One of the most interesting type is Supply Train Battles, these kind of battles can be triggered when the forces are marching through an enemy territory and they attack the city’s supplies. The units are more intelligent, and we have got more movement and strategy options than every before: traps, special structures, siege machines, elephants, etc.
The building are all destroyable, the maps are unlimitedly various.

Rome 2: Total War – Review 700px Carthage sacredband  reviews pc

The graphics is maybe the most fascinating part of the game. As I wrote before: the extreme detail, the trees, the glass, the terrain and the water are speaking for themselves. Under the settings tab there are many video options, the game also supports Pixel Shader Model 3, 4, 4.1, 5, so everybody can choose the optimal setting for the game. This game requires 2 GB of RAM, 512 MB with Pixel Shader Model 3 as minimum. We have tested the game on a good gaming PC ( 6 cores with 3.3 GHz, 4 GB 1666 MHz RAM and Asus ATI Radeon HD 6850 with 1 GB DDR5 video memory). We used medium-high settings, but the game was dropping FPS in campaign mode and rarely in battle mode because of the effects of the game. Rome 2 is still under patching and fixing bugs, so we can expect that the game can run better after the upcoming Monday update.

Rome 2: Total War – Review 700px Suebi berserkers TWR2  reviews pc

Rome 2 is a landscape of the fallen great ancient ages: war, blood, fear, your role is to choose wisely! This is a must-have masterpiece for all strategy game fan.
That’s why we are giving 9.2 to Rome 2: Total War and the award: STRATEGY GAME of 2013

Rome 2: Total War – Review best strategy game of the year1  reviews pc

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