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by Chief - All posts written by Chief - Post status: published, Published: 7 years 7 months ago (13:03 - Thursday, October 3rd, 2013) Last time Updated: 6 years 10 months ago (08:56 - Tuesday, July 8th, 2014)

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As the match is on the roll we realize that 2K made a lot of progress in their newest, brightest NBA 2K13 game. The most gameplay elements were overwritten and many new things has been added to the game. At the beginning we must say that Crew mode and MyTeam mode are only on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, but they maybe put these addons into the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One version. PC has a rough NBA 2K year because of that, but it is the only one basketball game for the PC, so not too bad. Lastly Major League Baseball 2K13 was not released on PC. We hope that PC won’t lost it’s best basketball series. In this episode 2K has introduced 14 European teams from Spain, Russia and etc.

NOTE THAT: Graphics was improved for all of the platforms. For PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 we can see the old textures, clothes and reflections somewhat improved. On Playstation 4 and Xbox One these are going to be the default settings:

What is the difference between the current and the next-gen game? Only the graphics, however the animations and the base character models as the AI are all the exact same!
We have reviewed the next-gen graphics, because that is the “max settings of the game” and they go no chance to pull it off on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, because of the powerless hardware (and maybe th rendering tech).

We got a new mode: Lebron Path to Greatness, but in this mode we are controlling the team as a whole and we are trying to make wins in the playoffs and other wins on the road. This one has replaced the Create a Legend mode, which was I think better in many ways: we could choose one player (active or retired member of a playoff finals winner team) and manage him, improve him and build his career. Crew mode is all about improving our MyCareer players, customizing him with clothes and getting into teams, making to the top of the leaderboard and etc. MyTeam is about a team which was created by player and team cards and these teams can be used in multiplayer mode aswell. There are additional modes too: MyCareer, Training Camp, Association, Season, Blacktop and Playoffs like in NBA 2K13.

NBA 2K14 not just got about 4-5000 animations, but the gameplay and the graphics has changed too. It is a real challenge to beat a team at home. Holding the ball even with the best player is very very difficult, jumpshots are not likely falling and going inside is not very often a good chance to make the play. We have to adapt, call and use screens, handle the ball well and take good positions inside the paint. 3 pointer is not at a life insurance. Turnovers and steals are much more likely to happen as blocks. The blocking and fouling system was redefined with not just animations, but players do everything to block and border shots, make hard on the low blocks and they even foul you every time if you go to the rack hard. The shooting system has changed in every angle, because now there only are new post moves and some other moves too. The ball is not attached here to the players at all, so the double team can chip the ball from your hand and it can easily cause a turnover or a throwin.


The Rookie Showcase got very very much slower. When I played it there were no alleys, just a few solid dunks, very many missed shots and thigh defense making it very hard to score or even to handle the ball inside. I had to be very patient, because when I realized that, I wanted to finish the play myself in real, because those guys sometimes cannot do anything good on the court. The NBA Draft is another case, because it seems like some of the spots are just unreachable. If you have played with NBA 2K13 you know that you can be drafted to anywhere, here there are spots which specific, predefined players can only take (not specific because of skill or built, but specific because of name). Conversations are the same, some were added to the game as some new endorsments too. The homepage is more useable and more effective and it shows us our achievements after every games (for example rotation changes, new GM sitdown topics, archived goals, awards). MyCareer’s system seems like more realistic, every headcoach have a different kind of coaching method and it shows off on the playtimes (for example at the bulls you can play 41 minutes in a game and if are you exhausted they are going to sub you). Superflashy dunks are there, but they are sometimes really hard to pull them off, because defenders can block the ball while your player are windmilling to complete the dunk. There are more options too to use from commentary nicknames to dunk packages and pre-game rituals, but the most of them was represented in the previous game aswell.

Presentation, Commentary

These are very strong suits of the game and they have added and refreshed a plenty of speeches here and there are more statistics too from the teams. There is a much better coverage of the teams and coaches as the players from the commentators with stories, highlight moments and so much on. The presentation has changed a bit, there are new animations and pre-game movies and a refined Jordan player of the game movie with mixed plays and flashy moments.

The team of Visual Concepts did a heck of a new stuffs and they added to this game. A brand-new playstyle with brand-new animations and sometimes reactions too. Because of this great work and these lots of improvements NBA 2K14 got 9.3 from Gamerspost!

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Really nice animations, Feels great


No Create a Legend mode, Less game modes on PC

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