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You'll have to wait for Final Fantasy XV to come out on PC 2 days... but it's already Cracked
by Chief2 years 2 months ago
The warez group known as 3DM has cracked Final Fantasy XV two days early to its release. The group has successfully unlocked the whole game by using the EXE file of the demo on the encrypted Origin preload files. However it was mentioned that as of today the cracked version of the game does not include the Pre-Order DLCs. The game's publisher and the devs are expecting to sell about 2 million copies of the game on...
by Chief5 years 2 months ago
Type 0’s mythos includes Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV (we are still waiting for the release date). It takes place before the story of Final Fantasy XV, because the kingdom in Final Fantasy XV holds the very last crystal which must be protected by the main characters and the soldiers of Lucis’ kingdom. Final Fantasy Type 0 is a game to be get hyped up for it has a very interesting storyline, ...
by Chief5 years 6 months ago
Square Enix has released a new trailer, which show us how really amazing the game looks like. The animations, the textures, the lightning and the reflections are hands up great! I love the game design, although I have not played with a single Final Fantasy game, but this one really looks like a game to play. We saw that the programmers in Japan made a huge leap if we are talking about visuals and animation technol...
by Chief5 years 10 months ago
After more than hundreds of thousands unsatisfied social updates and years of waiting for a new era, Call of Duty fans did not get almost any graphical improvements, but this year Infinity Ward promises a graphical leap compared to the latest published Call of Duty game. Should we really believe in their promises? Are they going to also improve on the gameplay side of the very successful series? Infinity Ward and ...
by Cracker6 years 6 months ago
Thief is coming at the beginning of next year, 2014, so get ready for it! The creators of the game are making some introduction videos for the story, the city and it’s characters including many helping and many bad ones. This is party 1. In this part, we are going to see Brasso’s Gamble, which is a very weird game to take over a city. You are going to see it.A disaster is sieging the whole city, dead a...
by Chief6 years 7 months ago
Thief is truly a next-gen experience. Not just stealth, but toughness and skill too. There are going to be very difficult missions and more exciting escapes from the scene. Many tools and gadgets will be available to use and these can make our way very easy to the goal. Refined sneaking, gadget usement and bigger maps with multiple levels and challenges make this game truly professional and make our character trul...
by Chief6 years 7 months ago
In Thief we will become the master of stealth, the killer in the shadows and the taker of shinies. The series was from the beginning a great one, but this episode is going to add more to the experience. Our main character is Garrett this time and he will be able to slow the time down and enter into a special focus mode which will be able to provide us special advantages. The developer said that sometimes the playe...
by Chief6 years 9 months ago
The Thief is back to get back the freedom of the people and make the riches pay for the suffering. This game is the next generation of the stealth game for sure. You can spend more than 2 hours on a single mission completing the objectives and get knowing the patrol ways of the guards. The best is staying in the shadows for the Thief and taking out targets from there without going in the light. There will be no ma...
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