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by Chief2 years 10 months ago
A new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer was just released a few hours ago by the team behind it, BioWare. Last week we have already seen the very first video of this series which introduced us to the combat part of the game and the basic types of enemies which will be encountered during playing the game. This new video is about combat profiles, squads (for the missions) and they've already informed us what the next v...
by Chief2 years 11 months ago
Mass Effect Andromeda will be release on the 21st of March (next month) this year. Before the release date - it looks like - we are getting a bunch of short gameplay trailers and showcases about the game's upcoming features and the possibilities which will exist in the next addition to the Mass Effect series. The combat trailer informs the viewers about the classes of available weapons, unlockable and upgradable s...
by Chief4 years 9 months ago
The first Star Wars Battlefront in-engine trailer was revealed a couple hours ago on YouTube, although it's not a game footage video yet, it shows off how the game engine can perform, all the marvelous effects, lightings, explosions, laser beams and small particle effects detailed to the very limits of the currently available gaming tech. The new Star Wars movie will be released this Christmas, so DICE will prepar...
by Chief4 years 11 months ago
According the latest news and rumors around, the Beta of the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline cops vs robbers game is coming on February 3rd. Roku, a team which is working closely on the servers of Hardline with EA and Visceral Games has sent out emails and notifications to Twitch streamers and YouTube content creators on this week. According to this information the Beta will launch on just next week. ...
by Chief5 years 4 weeks ago
A new trailer was released by EA this week featuring the cops of Battlefield: Hardline. We got a glimpse of everything: the gear, the arrests and interrogations, the unique gadgets and strategies and at the end of the video a very fast highway pursuit with sport and muscle cars. The story looks interesting, although I really think that it won’t be much more than a training for the multiplayer mode. The game ...
by Chief5 years 2 months ago
A Battlefield: Hardline trailer was released about 2 hours ago full of police chases, action and firefights. As the police is going through a quick militarization, the criminals are still not afraid to take on banks and jewelry stores with more firepower and suited in bulletproof vests. The game will set in Los Angeles, California, the story will be following a detective who was a SWAT member before. The multiplay...
by Chief5 years 5 months ago
EA Access has come out about a week ago, so it’s time to review it. If you wouldn’t know EA Access, it’s a subscription service exclusively for Xbox One by Electronic Arts which comes with FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Battlefield 4 (without DLCs) and Peggle 2. The fee of the service is either monthly or yearly, either $4.99 for a month or $29.99 for a year. Yes, it’s only for Xbox One, not because the team at Ele...
by Chief6 years 1 month ago
A really nice trailer was released about the huge robots in Titanfall. These machines are no matchboxes, not just because of their size and power, but because they are drivable by players and they can be also called after some well-earned killstreaks. These can not only shoot and hammer down soldiers, and they also have the ability to beat up any other giant robots in close-quarters. It’s really time to prep...
by Chief6 years 2 months ago
It is Battlefield 4, where every single player can make a major impact on the game with one single precise shot. Maps are dynamic, changing creatures and these must be ruled and captured by the better team! No excuses! Everybody must fight for the win. The game has finally hit the sops today, so everybody can enjoy multiplayer from this special day. There are many CD key discounts on the net, so if you haven’...
by Chief6 years 2 months ago
Here is the Battlefield 4 singleplayer trailer, the game is going to be very very interesting, mostly because of the brand-new singleplayer side of the game. The previous episode had also a singleplayer mode, but Battlefield 4 – no question about it- wants to push the borders towards. A real sharp battle is preparing to launch over Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. This year not just DICE was working o...
by Chief6 years 3 months ago
Intercontinental Battlefield 4 Xbox One match between USA and Europe. Both sides want to take down each other! One chance to take down the other team! Let all Battlefield players know that they must be chilled up for this game! It is going to be interesting, but we can tell that maybe USA is in the better position in case of Xbox players. If it would be on PC it would be better for Europe. Both teams are going to ...
by Chief6 years 3 months ago
Sims 3: Into the Future expansion pack launches now! There are going to be very new features in the game like: traveling into the future and sending our characters back to the present. There are going to be endless opportunities, because the game gets new things, improvements, materials and furniture for the houses. There will be 2 ways: help your descendants or make their world a complete heck. There are robots i...
by Chief6 years 3 months ago
Welcome the Battlefield 4 Beta! From today the Battlelog 4 servers started working so we got the chance to try the game out. After downloading about 5.6 gigabites of game you can start playing. The game is full of minor bugs, but it can be still enjoyable. Most hardwares are taking a hard work loading and running this game and if you have a great computer this Beta may run with only with 10-15 FPS, so there are ma...
by Chief6 years 3 months ago
Don’t trash these fully hand-made amazing cars! These are masterpieces of their factories. These guys and police officers care about nothing and noone and they want to chase down each other. In this year EA has created more multiplayer options and features for Need for Speed Rivals. These will be represented in challenges and we will be able to proceed experience levels by completing them. As we saw in the l...
by Chief6 years 4 months ago
In this Battlefield 4 Preview we will be focusing on the game engine and the multiplayer, but there will be some words of the singleplayer too. These topics are the most exciting one for a Battlefield player. There was a vote about singleplayer or multiplayer is the more important for a Battlelog player, there was no question, because most of the players voted on the multiplayer part of the game. This vote maybe h...
by Chief6 years 4 months ago
Personalization has been one of the big tings in Need for Speed since the beginning of the series. Need for Speed Rivals will be more multiplayer-oriented than any of the past episodes before. That’s why people need personalization options to show out their styles and recognize other great players on the road. “I like your style” – some of the players have really unique and professional sty...
by Chief6 years 5 months ago
The old FIFA series. Here comes FIFA 14 for all platforms (except Linux) this year, before the next-gen consoles arrive. The new improvements are: the new graphics engine: the Ignite, the real ball physics, the true shot and the controlled dibbring and sprinting “technology”. You know this year Brasil will hold the Fifa Wold Cup, can we expect an other game or a DLC from EA? ...
by Chief6 years 5 months ago
Electornic Arts has announced the new Sims 4 with all-new features and new character creation options. The player will be able to create a sims with hole new bunch of tools. The home creation and decoration got better and easier too. Creating and adding rooms are easy, we can move them too with all of the previous decoration and machines. it will be also easier to create roof, expand the house with an another leve...
by Chief6 years 5 months ago
Electronic Arts is up to some new, never seen action that’s for sure. In Titanfall players must complete multiple objective againts the other team, these are depends on gamemodes. The game has much more in it. It was created by Source game engine which is the same engine that was used for Team Fortess 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive and so much more on. It uses Microsoft’s AI intelligence for non-pl...
by Chief6 years 5 months ago
Yeh, these “Only in Battlefield 4” videos are really weird. It is nice to see the game from these videos, but it is just the exactly same map, they had better to show more that’s for sure! We are really hungry for more maps and more content from the upcoming game, these are maybe some advertisement videos what we are going to see on the TV this fall. So lets see what we have here: backstabbing in...
by Chief6 years 5 months ago
This year EA Canada has improved the body contact of the players, the ice and the physics. The NHL series was the most outstanding NHL game last year, the developer team hasn’t made great changes on the game, but it will be maybe enough for this year. [content-builder]{“id”:1,”version”:”1.0.4″,”nextId”:4,”block”:”root”,”layout...
by Chief6 years 5 months ago
We can see a great partnership is carrying on between FC Barcelone and EA Sports. EA gives to all the teams more details in the next game for the new generation with more realistic effects and physics than the last FIFA games have ever shown us.[content-builder]{“id”:1,”version”:”1.0.4″,”nextId”:4,”block”:”root”,”layout”:”12&...
by Chief6 years 5 months ago
One major feature in the FIFA 14 game is chemistry. Chemistry means the players’ feeling of their team and there will be many type of chemistries. This new feature with the cards won’t change much the manager mode gameplay. Maybe the special skills and star abilities would change on players’ behavior, but for those we probably must wait for some years. They are represented in NBA 2K from NBA 2K12...
by Chief6 years 7 months ago
OverviewWe got a really nice Battlefield 4 Multiplayer gameplay from the DICE team. The ones who have already played Battlefield 3 know that this gameplay was made like a movie so every player has a role to do so they don’t even shoot our ‘main’ player. The core of the game hasn’t changed much since the last episode, but as we can see they have fixed the multiplayer lag in many cases. The s...
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