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by Chief4 years 5 months ago
In the following two videos you will get to know what most people playing Destiny be like in the game. Basically they are much more like RPG and MMORPG players, than average FPS gamers. The second video also shows the abilities of the character creator in Destiny, basically you have many choices, but you cannot quite create your unique character and most of the times there aren’t any cool items and other stu...
by Chief4 years 10 months ago
After more than hundreds of thousands unsatisfied social updates and years of waiting for a new era, Call of Duty fans did not get almost any graphical improvements, but this year Infinity Ward promises a graphical leap compared to the latest published Call of Duty game. Should we really believe in their promises? Are they going to also improve on the gameplay side of the very successful series? Infinity Ward and ...
by Chief5 years 6 months ago
It is a Real Headshot for the Call of Duty community. Most fans of the CoD series have low or medium spec PCs or consoles and this gives a huge disappointment for PC gamers. Maybe the Call of Duty: Ghosts is the biggest disappointment of this year. And it is rolling towards as more and more games are being sold at the moment. The game requires 6GBs of RAM, but not just on paper, without 6GBs you cannot run the gam...
by Cracker5 years 6 months ago
Call of Duty: Ghosts Live action guys& girls! I won’t bug you, let’s watch this great trailer!I’m gonna live till I die! I’m gonna laugh ‘stead of cry,I’m gonna take the town and turn it upside down,I’m gonna live, live, live until I die. They’re gonna say “What a guy!” I’m gonna play for the sky. Ain’t gonna miss a thing, I’m gonna ...
by Cracker5 years 6 months ago
Free Fall multiplayer map is available in Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer mode from the beginning for those who preordered the game. This map delivers a kina new experince as it changes through the round. These changes are maybe time-triggered so no player actions will be able to help. This map, we can call it maybe half-dynamic map, is not a very huge experince to play on over and over the rounds, but it is nice...
by Chief5 years 6 months ago
This short trailer gives us a glimpse of the Extinction gamemode in Call of Duty: Ghosts. In this gamemode a team up to 4 player have to capture and maintain possession over alien spore sources and these must be protected over waves and destroyed. After these spores were successfully destroyed the team must extract from the zone. We are waiting for more details on this new gamemode.[content-builder]{“id̶...
by Chief5 years 7 months ago
Only 2 things are sure with the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts: the singleplayer is going to be a huge blast as always and the multiplayer will be much different we have seen in the previous episodes. I am really interested in this new game, not just because of I am a veteran hardcore, skilled player in the Call of Duty, not just because I have an enough quick trigger that hackers also fear, but maybe this game is ...
by Chief5 years 7 months ago
This trailer shows us a glimpse of the Clan system and the Clan Wars. In this new upcoming epside we will be able to create clans and join in some truly customized ones. Call of Duty: Ghosts hasn’t change much, because the creative directors opinion: ‘We cannot change much on the gameplay, because Call of Duty is a sport now.’ We can argue with this statement, but it is ture in many cases. Over 1...
by Chief5 years 9 months ago
This shot is from the official multiplayer reveal: The game happening 10 years after a supercatastrophe. As the result of that the United States of America is no longer a superpower in the west. The special operational team of America gather under a new callsign: Ghosts. We can see the stars from the flag of European Union or a part of the American flag from the Independence War’s times. Maybe Russia wi...
by Chief5 years 9 months ago
They have just revealed the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer and here it is the Prestige Edition! This edition includes all of these:– 1080p (1920x1080px) tactical camera– Season pass– The game– Steelbox– Paracord strap– Other digital contents (player background, patch, card)– The soundtrackThere is also a Hardcore Edition which does not include the tactical camera. So pre...
by Chief5 years 9 months ago
The time has come to reveal Call of Duty: Ghosts with all-new gameplay features and innovations in both: the visuals, the controls and the feeling of the game. This makeover is similar big to the one they did for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare I. The next great features comes with the Ghosts episode: Features of the next gameSneak-peak movement dynamically at the corners, works with every single object and help...
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