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by Chief4 years 10 months ago
Guys, I was really busy building this amazing website, lately I invested some of my free time in GTA 5 and I have just completed some hours ago the main mission line on Xbox One, so I've decided to write about my Grand Theft Auto V experience. You don't have to be worried about spoilers, because I'll try not to spoil anything for you. So as you already knew the game takes place in San Andreas state, more particula...
by Chief5 years 4 weeks ago
If you preorder the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V for PC at the RockStar Game's official digital shop (in digital or in physical form), called 'Rockstar Warehouse' you will also receive another Rockstar Games game for free. You can choose one from these eleven games:- Max Payne 2- May Payne 3- Grand Theft Auto III- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas- Grand Theft Auto IV- Grand Theft Auto: Epi...
by Chief5 years 3 months ago
Grand Theft Auto V is coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 on 18th November, this year, while PC gamers must wait until 27th January, 2015. The trailer have showed us some new add-ons and improvements, although the upcoming release is just a, let say “Full HD” version of the nearly one year old Grand Theft Auto V. PC users will have to wait more than 2 months from 18th November. Many news sources think...
by Chief5 years 8 months ago
First I would like to inform you about why there is this very long timegap between the released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you have played with GTA V on PlayStation 3 or on Xbox 360 you already know that there are some glitches, bugs and even texture problems in the game. To be really honest I got no chance to play the game, but I know exactly about these problems, because I...
by Chief6 years 3 months ago
It’s time to do some stunts don’t you think so? Ben Buja was working hard to release this Grand Theft Auto: V Stunt montage and I can say that it hits. Making all the crazy stuffs you are able to do in the game: jumping off to trains, making fun with airplanes in tunnels and speeding and stunting with a car in professional quality. These are just some of the most neck-breaking fancy spinning moves whic...
by Chief6 years 3 months ago
Grand Theft Auto V has a remarkable world and this remarkable world has not so many remarkable or even healthy people. This people talk out everything on the street from their sexual interests to their everyday stupidity. These dialogs are really awkward, so watch& enjoy this video! Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?![content-builder]{“id”:1,”version”:”1.0.4″,”nextId”:4,R...
by Chief6 years 4 months ago
Today in the mythbusters: we are going to see way different thing from scuba diving in a car to trying the head knocking on the wall with and without a helmet. Is that possible in GTA 5 to make a car explode which doesn’t have any fuel in it? If you enter a military base with a military vehicle are you going to get a wanted level? These questions can only be truly answered by watching this video.[content-bui...
by Chief6 years 4 months ago
100 ways to die in GTA V is going to show us far the most stupid methods to die in the game while playing. Some of them are really funny and the player have to have a really bad luck to pull those off. Unlike any other games as always the Grand Theft Auto’s freedom comes with really weird and funny things and this one is no different. Watch& Enjoy and get ready for more![content-builder]{“id”...
by Chief6 years 4 months ago
Character Swapping in GTA V is a whole different than in other games. In this game we get a funny or everyday picture of the playable character interacting with the world around. It can be very varied and of course funny on the Rockstar Games way.[content-builder]{“id”:1,”version”:”1.0.4″,”nextId”:4,”block”:”root”,”layout”:”1...
by Chief6 years 4 months ago
An another funny moment montage from Vanoss. The main objective is today complete chaos and complete madness. He is going to make some doughnuts and he also he is going to kill the not working stupid gardener in the garden… Hey nobody get time for this! Watch& Enjoy! :D[content-builder]{“id”:1,”version”:”1.0.4″,”nextId”:4,”block”:”rootR...
by Chief6 years 4 months ago
It is DTH mythbusters! This episode will be bust and prove many myths and question marks in GTA V. Can you hide in bushes? Can you tow a police car while you are being chased? Can’t you knife a shark, can you? What really are the windmill farms for? These questions can be only truly answered if you watch this video![content-builder]{“id”:1,”version”:”1.0.4″,”nextId&#...
by Chief6 years 4 months ago
Grand Theft Auto V funny moments is here from Vanoss! In this episode we will be watching Vanoss making his ultimate workout, some Jimmy bugging, a very important yoga mission and Chop making some little Chops too. Watch& Enjoy! [content-builder]{“id”:1,”version”:”1.0.4″,”nextId”:4,”block”:”root”,”layout”:”12″,...
by Chief6 years 4 months ago
Gamer Poop makes fun of anything. Now it is Grand Theft Auto V. Be ready to the most awkward dialogs! GTA 5 has very often funny dialogs, but with this video Gamer Poop wanted to raise the bar of the upcoming ones! [content-builder]{“id”:1,”version”:”1.0.4″,”nextId”:4,”block”:”root”,”layout”:”12″,”childs̶...
by Chief6 years 5 months ago
Trying to make some paper – trying to stay aliveLos Santos – yeah, you know we will surviveIf we’re gonna get it somebody’s gonna dieCause we are the Kings of GTA V! [content-builder]{“id”:1,”version”:”1.0.4″,”nextId”:4,”block”:”root”,”layout”:”12″,”childs”:[{“id”:...
by Chief6 years 5 months ago
Grand Theft Auto V is the true entertainment this year. The game world is huge and diverse, there are not just many opportunities it has a great multiplayer mode and never-seen features too. For the development of the game RockStar Games payed a little less than $230 million and they want to reach more than $1 billion form the sales in this year, 2013 only. It will be not just the most expensive game of all times,...
by Chief6 years 5 months ago
Welcome Back! We will move quick and keep cool! This is Grand Theft Auto V! These years and the hard work which the studios put in developing this game will be payed off by the fans all over the world! You, me and almost everyone wants this game in the stores now. The studios are working on the last features and fixes before the game takes off across the globe! They got not much time left, because the release date...
by Chief6 years 6 months ago
Grand Theft Auto Online is the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V. It comes with every single Grand Theft Auto V game. The name is catching, but simple. The old GTA IV multipalyer was extended by a dynamic content creator and sharer, which makes this experience bigger and better at every angle. The world is huge and the we will be able to buy and customize cars and save them for later, buy garages houses, or a...
by Chief6 years 7 months ago
That’s what we have waited for so long time: the Grand Theft Auto V gameplay! After the game was not introduced on E3 2013, because the publisher didn’t see the point of that, we hoped that we will get a gamepaly video very very soon. Rockstar Games wanted and created something really special and exciting in the industry, something that is beyond measure. In this episode of the series as we have seen f...
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