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by Chief5 years 5 months ago
According the latest news and rumors around, the Beta of the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline cops vs robbers game is coming on February 3rd. Roku, a team which is working closely on the servers of Hardline with EA and Visceral Games has sent out emails and notifications to Twitch streamers and YouTube content creators on this week. According to this information the Beta will launch on just next week. ...
by Chief5 years 6 months ago
A new trailer was released by EA this week featuring the cops of Battlefield: Hardline. We got a glimpse of everything: the gear, the arrests and interrogations, the unique gadgets and strategies and at the end of the video a very fast highway pursuit with sport and muscle cars. The story looks interesting, although I really think that it won’t be much more than a training for the multiplayer mode. The game ...
by Chief5 years 7 months ago
A Battlefield: Hardline trailer was released about 2 hours ago full of police chases, action and firefights. As the police is going through a quick militarization, the criminals are still not afraid to take on banks and jewelry stores with more firepower and suited in bulletproof vests. The game will set in Los Angeles, California, the story will be following a detective who was a SWAT member before. The multiplay...
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