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You'll have to wait for Final Fantasy XV to come out on PC 2 days... but it's already Cracked
by Chief3 years 2 months ago
The warez group known as 3DM has cracked Final Fantasy XV two days early to its release. The group has successfully unlocked the whole game by using the EXE file of the demo on the encrypted Origin preload files. However it was mentioned that as of today the cracked version of the game does not include the Pre-Order DLCs. The game's publisher and the devs are expecting to sell about 2 million copies of the game on...
by F.S.6 years 5 days ago
Steam release of Break_InBreak_In is a newly released early access FPS style game with a PayDay twist. The Store page, found here, is a base building and money stealing shoot-em-up where you take on friends and enemies alike to steal their funds. With a variety of base upgrades and weapons to increase your theft potential you will have to out think your opponent in this game of catch or be caught. This g...
by MoxxiontheMoon6 years 2 months ago
My entire life just about, video games have been one of the most relaxing forms of entertainment I have enjoyed. With Hollywood and the music industry being so fundamentally criminal with the way they operate, it was a different experience knowing developers enjoyed their work and wanted us to appreciate their efforts because they, too, lived the video game life. It seems all of that is changing, though. Developer...
by MoxxiontheMoon6 years 3 months ago
The game up for adoption today is a pleasant one. It will not cost you a dime if you do not wish to spend anything as it is free-to-play and contains more content than most any other game you can find on the market currently. That being: Marvel Heroes 2015. Since the 2015 revamping and rebranding of this MMO last year, it has quickly become the single most time consuming title in my library. Developed by Gazillion...
by Chief6 years 6 months ago
Above you can see a concept art from the future! The Music library function of Steam is finally public to every players, so from now on you are available to listen to your games’ soundtracks and your favorite songs from your machine. It’s a really good feature on Steam, but it raises questions about music and Steam. Since there are digital shops like iTunes and Google Music they are ruling the online market ...
by Chief7 years 4 months ago
Let me remind you what is Left 4 Dead 2 ↠Left 4 Dead 2 is available for free on Steam at Xmas, so it’s time to pick up a copy and join in the fun! Since the game won’t be free forever you must act fast and you should share this great piece of information with your friends! It’s time to share/like this post or send messages out to your buddies about that great game! :DLink to the game –...
by Chief7 years 6 months ago
It is a Real Headshot for the Call of Duty community. Most fans of the CoD series have low or medium spec PCs or consoles and this gives a huge disappointment for PC gamers. Maybe the Call of Duty: Ghosts is the biggest disappointment of this year. And it is rolling towards as more and more games are being sold at the moment. The game requires 6GBs of RAM, but not just on paper, without 6GBs you cannot run the gam...
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