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by Chief5 years 5 months ago
The Order: 1886 is set in the Victorian era in London. The whole game is in an alternative world living an alternative history, but based on the clothes, armors, weapons and tools which were available back in the Victorian era. If you can remember, another game is coming out this year, Assassin's Creed: Victory, which is also set in the Victorian London. At the end of the year, maybe we will be able to compare the...
by Chief5 years 7 months ago
Witcher 3: the Wild Hunt is coming out 6 months from now, but at the moment we have enough information and CD Project Red has released multiple gameplay videos. The Wild Hunt continues the storyline of the main hero, Geralt of Rivia and the game was announced a nonlinear role-playing video game. If we speak about role-play, we must know that the upcoming game will not feature a completely free gameplay, but it wil...
by Chief6 years 18 hours ago
Hands down for Assassin’s Creed this year, Again! These French (European and Asian too) developers are really working on their games for years before its release date. The more respectful thing is that they are constantly think about new ideas to implement in the game and make the great experience amazing! Our new hero is Arno, who is a revolutionist and he has some famous friends, like Antoine Lavoisie...
by Chief6 years 9 months ago
In this Battlefield 4 Preview we will be focusing on the game engine and the multiplayer, but there will be some words of the singleplayer too. These topics are the most exciting one for a Battlefield player. There was a vote about singleplayer or multiplayer is the more important for a Battlelog player, there was no question, because most of the players voted on the multiplayer part of the game. This vote maybe h...
by Chief6 years 10 months ago
Grand Theft Auto V is the true entertainment this year. The game world is huge and diverse, there are not just many opportunities it has a great multiplayer mode and never-seen features too. For the development of the game RockStar Games payed a little less than $230 million and they want to reach more than $1 billion form the sales in this year, 2013 only. It will be not just the most expensive game of all times,...
by Chief6 years 11 months ago
Let’s compare NBA 2K14 and NBA LIVE 14! Are these games both good or great? Are they on the same level? Is one better than the other one? We are going to get some answers from these gameplay footages! NBA LIVE 14Looks great! Feels great? Many gamers after bought NBA LIVE 13 was disappointed about the game, because NBA 2K13 was way better. In NBA 2K14 there are buggy animations in bad quality and the players ...
by Chief7 years 2 weeks ago
First Look and FractionsThe next episode of the Total War series is the Total War Rome 2. In this game the studio continues its great strategic series with more troops, gorgeous graphics, historic events and enemies with much more tactics and you are going to really have the options to be one step forward than the other empires are. We will see many troops and playable factions from the previous Rome Total War. Th...
by Chief7 years 3 weeks ago
OverviewWe got a really nice Battlefield 4 Multiplayer gameplay from the DICE team. The ones who have already played Battlefield 3 know that this gameplay was made like a movie so every player has a role to do so they don’t even shoot our ‘main’ player. The core of the game hasn’t changed much since the last episode, but as we can see they have fixed the multiplayer lag in many cases. The s...
by Chief7 years 3 weeks ago
Our new hero: Edward KenwayThe new episode of Assassin’s Creed series is coming: the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. In this episode we are out on the Caribbean seas to face with rich and evil people as a legendary pirate ship captain. Out on the seas our new hero, Edward Kenway who is father to Haytham Kenway and grandfather to Connor (Ratonhnhaké:ton). New setting, new story, new era of Assassin’s Cr...
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