“It’s time to show myself to the world!”

Fallout 4 – Debut Trailer

The very first trailer of Fallout 4 was released and all the previous speculation was confirmed. Fallout 4 will take place in Boston, more precisely around Vault 111. There is not much information available as of now, I guess we will have to wait till the E3 of this year, just about 2 weeks from now. It’s kinda strange that the developers of the game have released several images of their development kit and some pieces of information about this game, but the head staff of Bethesda always rejected and denied any speculation surrounding the in-development state ... (237 words)

Fallout vs Skyrim – Epic Faceoff fan video

In this video you get an idea what would probably happen if these two saviors/psychopaths get into one room, or in this case: into one world. We all know that both of these two game characters have two things in common: the creativity of Bethesda made the alive and the creativity of the players keeps them alive. While the courier/vault resident in Fallout has modern weapons, and among those, some pretty weird and awesome ones and the special V.A.T.S. ability, the Dragonborn has brutal, close combat medieval weapons, bows& arrows, spells and dragon shouts. ... (166 words)

Which games to play in Summer!

It is mostly always a question – at least for me – what games should I play in Summer to have a great time? Because in most situations I say: “All the games!!”, but the time as always is limited you know. We are giving you tips what games is great to play in your Summer. Maybe you can find here some ideas for yourself and have a great time with these great games! Just Cause 2: Visit PanauIt’s always great to see this tropical island and its great places and sights. A very huge map ... (1036 words)

Summer Sales – Steam is now full of discounts!

Hurray! It is Summer! Maybe this time is  the favorite month of the gamers after December and its Christmas sale. There are great deals out there and if you follow us and register on the site you will be up-to-date by our reports. We can expect to see on holiday sale this July and August: Driver: San Francisco, Darkness 2, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Darksiders 1 and 2, Dust, Silent Hunter 5: Battle for the Atlantic, Bioshock and the Grand Theft Auto series. We will provide you daily reports of the best deals, sales, discounts, etc. ... (93 words)

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