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    by MoxxiontheMoon5 years 7 months ago
    My entire life just about, video games have been one of the most relaxing forms of entertainment I have enjoyed. With Hollywood and the music industry being so fundamentally criminal with the way they operate, it was a different experience knowing developers enjoyed their work and wanted us to appreciate their efforts because they, too, lived the video game life. It seems all of that is changing, though. Developer...
    by MoxxiontheMoon5 years 8 months ago
    Outside of the Lone Ranger set, Disney Infinity has not introduced many unexpected figures to their virtual toy box. With that, outside of the inevitable Star Wars figures, fans are hoping to see more somewhat obscure favorites join the rest of the cast. I am one of those fans and these are the characters and franchises I am hoping make their debut either with 3.0 or sometime soon after. Sora & Company – Kingd...
    by MoxxiontheMoon5 years 8 months ago
    The game up for adoption today is a pleasant one. It will not cost you a dime if you do not wish to spend anything as it is free-to-play and contains more content than most any other game you can find on the market currently. That being: Marvel Heroes 2015. Since the 2015 revamping and rebranding of this MMO last year, it has quickly become the single most time consuming title in my library. Developed by Gazillion...
    by MoxxiontheMoon5 years 8 months ago
    There is a plethora of AAA titles constantly streaming the market, finding homes and whatnot, while there are quite a few indie games finally receiving the attention they so deserve. However, a handsome number of video games are left beaten and abandoned – left to fend for themselves. Games that, no matter how much time or love goes into them, can never seem to find their way into the homes of gamers who may...
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